2017s Most popular party decorations


2017 has drawn to an end and we are reflecting on a great year of parties and an even better year for beautiful party decorations. The decorating game was at an all time high this year and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger. So what have been the most popular party decoration this year? Keep reading to find out!

Balloon arrangements

Balloon arrangements have been a feature at nearly every party this year. Gone are the days where helium balloons were blown up at let to go up to the ceiling as decoration. Balloon arrangements have come a long way since their shopping centre display days. They are now being made in all shapes and sizes with both big and small balloons in every colour. They are now seen as table arrangements, archways and as wall arrangements.


Flowers have become a staple at young girls birthday parties this year. They are no longer just seen at weddings. Flowers have been used in wall decorations, table arrangements and even to make flower crowns as an activity.

Lolly jars and cake stands

A party decoration favourite for a few years now. Whilst lolly carts and buffets are still popular, a newly favoured way of presenting your sweets is to display them on separate stands. The stands are clustered at one end of the room, and are of different heights to help create depth to the tasty decorative piece

Different shapes and sizes.

You may have noticed a rhyming theme between all of 2017's popular decorations. That is that all these types of decorations are made to be different sizes, heights and shapes. This helps to create depth and profoundness in the decorative setting.

What did you think of this year's popular party decorations? Most importantly, what decorations do you think will make a bid statement in 2018? 

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