Christmas Party


Hosting a Christmas party this year and want it to be a bit different from the usual Christmas parties? Keep reading to host your own non traditional Christmas party!

Christmas Movie Marathon

An increasingly popular Christmas party theme is a Christmas movie marathon. The notion of the party is to come up dressed as a character from your favourite Christmas movie, eat food featured in those movies and most importantly, turn a room into a cinema and have a day of watching movies. Some of our favourites include 'Grinch" costumes and the candy pasta from the movie "Elf".

Cold Christmas

A popular party theme on the other side of the world, is to have a pretend "hot weather" Christmas party. Here in Australia, we are lucky to already have that, and instead the aim is to have a wintery Christmas. Whilst it may still be hot outside, snow machines, frost on windows and fake fires will temporarily trick the kids into thinking they are partying in a winter wonderland. Serving warming foods such as pumpkin pie, roast canapés and hot cocoa will give the illusion of having a cold Christmas.

Pastel Christmas

Pastel parties have been all the rage this year. Children's birthday as well as Halloween have all been turned into an array of light dusty colours that are usually reserved for Easter or Springtime celebrations. This year we thought to extend the theme into Christmas. Our 'mint green' and 'white' 'Baby Bentwood' chairs make for the perfect base to begin setting up your very own pastel Christmas party.

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