Christmas party games and activities


Hosting a Christmas Party for the kids this year and need a few festive games to keep them occupied? Here are a few of our favourite christmas party games that we know the kids will love!

Handmade baubles

This activity is not only entertaining, it will also allow the kids to take home their own creation and hang it up on their tree. From your local craft store, you will need to buy tennis ball sized polystyrene balls, sequins, glitter, poster paint, christmas coloured pompoms and ribbon. We recommend doing this activity at the start of parties to allow the baubles time to dry. Set all the art supplies out on a large table, making sure the table and floor are covered as this may activity may get messy. Have the kids sit around and create their own baubles. When they have finished, loop a piece of ribbon and, using a hot glue gun, stick it on the top of each baubles. Allow them to dry and by the end of the party, the kids should be able o take home their little masterpiece to hang up.

Gingerbread house making

For this activity you will need to either make the gingerbread house pieces by hand, or alternatively buy an already made gingerbread house kit from a store. You can find these kits from big chain stores such as 'Big W' or your local bakery. You will then have to buy different kinds of chocolates and lollies such as MnMs, candy canes and fruit drops; as well as make different coloured icing to help stick the treats onto the gingerbread house. You can have the kids working in teams, or on their own in building and decorating their houses. At the end, have each child place a secret vote on eachothers favorite houses and pick a winner.

Christmas chain competition

Christmas chains have long been a favourite christmas activity done between families. For this game, you will need to buy different coloured A4 pieces of paper and glue. Cut each piece of paper into long thin pieces. We recommend cutting alongside the short side of the paper, making sure to cut the pieces around three to four centimetres thick. Set a stopwatch and begin a ten minute time in which teams of two or three children, help each other create the longest chain possible by making loops of paper and sticking them together using glue or tape. The team with the longest chain at the end of the ten minutes, wins.

We hope you try out and enjoy these Christmas games at your party. If you are in need of mini furniture to accommodate all the kids sitting around doing these activities, make sure you check out our online furniture hire store. 

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