Christmas Party Snacks


Christmas is right around the corner so we have decided to share with you, some of our favourite Christmas party snacks.

Decorative Sugar cookies

This snack is easy to make, delicious and you can even make it into a fun game for the kids at your next Christmas party. Sugar cookies are a plain cookie made predominantly from sugar, butter and flour. After using your favourite sugar cookie recipe to make the dough, flatten it using a rolling pin and proceed to use different christmas themed cutters to make festive shaped cookies. Bake in the oven and allow them to completely cool down once removed. Make different coloured icing and place in a piping bag, before decorating each individual cookie to your liking. Alternatively you could allow the kids to decorate the cookies, as an activity that could be done at your Christmas party.

Rice Bubble Christmas Trees.

Use your favourite 'Rice Bubble' krispie recipe to make these 'Rice Bubble' Christmas trees. To make ours, we heat marshmallows and butter in a saucepan until they are all melted. We then pour our 'Rice Bubbles' into the gooey mixture, making sure they are all covered. For this particular recipe we add a few drops of green food colouring into the rice bubble mixture whilst it's cooking. When 'Rice Bubbles' are all covered, take the saucepan off the heat so that the mixture does not burn. Allow for mixture to cool enough to be able to pick it up in your hands without getting burnt. Place parchment paper over a tray and take a large handful of the mixture, shaping it in your hands so that it begins to take the shake of a triangle. Once the whole mixture has been made into triangles, place on the tray and use mini M&Ms to make the bauballs. Place a chopped up flake down the bottom to create the stump of the tree. Place in the fridge to cool for an hour and you will have 'Rice Bubble' Christmas trees!

Rudolf brownies

Make the brownie mixture using your favorite chocolate brownie recipe or shop bought mix, before scooping the mixture into a round cake tin. Once cooked, allow brownies to cool before cutting them into large triangles. Do this by cutting them in the exact middle, spinning them around and repeating the process four times. Make sure all pieces are evenly cut. Cover the top of the brownies in nutella or chocolate frosting. Then stick a jaffa lolly at the end of the longest point for Rudolf's nose, two edible eyes in the middle and two broken pretzels at the top of the two points making the antlers. 

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