How to host an Easter Party


Easter is right around the corner and we thought we'd let you in on some of our secrets for hosting a successful Easter party. Keep reading below for some of our tips and tricks.

An Easter favourite.

To host an Easter party you cannot go past the kids two favourite things. The Easter bunny and chocolate. By this we mean that you will most likely need to hire a costume and hand out Easter eggs as the children walk through the door. To keep the theme of the Easter bunny running throughout the day, hire our ceramic and grass rabbits, to decorate your tables and other displays.

Pastel colours

Easter is all about the pastel colours. Baby pink, blue, yellow and green are all fun colours to play around with when choosing a colour scheme for your party. Our range of 'baby bentwood' chairs are the perfect colour and style to use at your child's Easter party. We also provide a range of pastel coloured decorations for your party, which are found in our online 'party shop'.

Easter activities

Any party is not complete without activities to keep the children occupied. As it is Easter, the most popular activity for the day is by far the Easter egg hunt. To make it fair on all children, hide plastic Easter eggs that do not have chocolate in them, and have them find as many as possible. At the end, reward all the children with their own bag of chocolate Easter eggs, that all have the same amount of confectionary in each bag. This will ensure there are no upset feelings over someone getting more chocolate than another.

We hope you have a great time planning and organising your very own Easter party! And make sure you share your own tips and tricks on our social media pages!
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