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Kids love birthday parties. It's a chance for them to see their friends out of school hours and have fun. They are surrounded by lollies, naughty food and are allowed to run around for hours on end and be entertained. The worst part about a birthday party for a child is when it's time to leave. As a consolation to that, we give out lolly bags!

Goodie bags have changed in the last ten years. Parents are becoming creative and opting to customize their gift bags to suit the theme of the party they are throwing. They are also putting more consideration into being aware of allergies, intolerances and overall dietary requirements of all children attending the party.

Here at Mini Party People we have held our fair share of kids birthdays, and we have put together the perfect list of inclusions to make the best party bag!

Vegan Party Bag

  • Small bags of cotton candy
  • Sherbert
  • Lollipops
  • Popcorn
  • Lolly brands like skittles, Pez and Mentos have all got vegan options.

For everything you need to know about vegan lollies in Australia, visit: 

Nut Free Goodie Bag

The nut free goodie bag should stay away from most chocolates, unless the are specifically labelled with no nuts and are made away from machinery that does handle that food group.

These foods can include:

  • Mini cupcakes
  • Mixed lollies
  • Popcorn
  • Homemade fruit rollups
  • Rice krispie treats made with nut free rice puffs

To make sure treats in this bag are 100% nut free, we suggest making homemade treats and individually wrapping them. 

Standard Lolly Bag

This lolly bag has no dietary requirements, however can be managed to fit in with those that do.

  • Wrapped chocolates
  • Individually wrapped cake pops
  • Decorative sugar cookies
  • Individual cotton candy bags
  • Mixed lollies
  • Honey joys

There are many places that will customize your treats to suit the theme of your party. Our friends over at 'Burnt Butter Cakes' ( make delicious sugar cookies and cake pops to suit the theme of your party. To top off our goodie bags we like to add a small toy for good measure!

Make sure you check out our party shop for all you lolly bag needs and watch the kids eyes light up when they are handed their bag of goodies! 

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