Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2017


Halloween is becoming increasingly popular within Australia. If your child is in need of a costume and they just cannot decide on what to wear, we have you covered with the most popular Halloween costumes expected for 2017.

Superhero figures
Superhero figures are constant costume favourites for any time of the year. The costumes are easy to find and can range between a number of price points. The two most popular superheroes to date, are Spiderman and Batman. Now, with this years release of the movie 'Wonder Woman', we have seen a spike in demand for the character, as she has become a popular cultural figure for young girls in a market usually dominated by boys.

Belle from Beauty and the beast
Like superheros, Disney princesses are adored any time of the year. This year however, we have seen a rise in the popularity of princess Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, as the remake of the popular cartoon movie came to life and dominated the box office.

Pirate costumes are a favourite and classic Halloween costume. The costumes are easy to make at home, and can be made using old articles of clothing whilst buying inexpensive accessories from a store. Pirate costumes can be made to look cute or menacing and you can have fun dressing the kids with eye patches and fake teeth.

Moana and Maui
As it may have already been determined from this list, popular movies play a role in what kids choose to wear for Halloween. Disneys 'Moana' is no exception to this, as the movie captured children's hearts this last year and in return, the main characters Moana and Maui, are a favourite costume idea for Halloween. This costume is great for both boys and girls, and can be a costume done with a pair of friends or siblings.

Witch costumes are another classic Halloween look enjoyed by both adults and children. Witch costumes are a fun costume idea as you can have a 'good' witch or a 'bad' witch. Each person can put their own take on how scary, cooky or pretty they want to look.

If all these Halloween costumes do not sit well with your child's imagination, you can go all out and have a blow up dinosaur costume like the one in our photo! We hope you enjoyed our list of popular kids costumes for Halloween 2017! Let us know what cute and quirky costumes you had to put together for the kids on our social media pages!

D.I.Y Easy and Affordable Halloween Games 

Hosting a halloween party this year and trying to figure out how you will entertain the kids? We have put together three of our favourite halloween games that are easy and affordable to make!

Halloween Spooky Treat Hunt:

This game is super simple and yet the kids will always be excited for it! Hide lollies and small toys all over the house and backyard and write out a list of clues for the kids to follow in order to find them. Make the treats and clues halloween themed in keeping with the holiday. Give all the kids a halloween basket and allow them to run around and find their treats.

The Blind Box Game:

Blind box is a game where the player wears a blindfold and sticks their hand in the hole of a cardboard box, unaware of what texture awaits them on the other side. They then need to guess this texture without seeing what it is. At the end of the game, whoever has guessed the highest amount of textures correctly, wins.

To make, take a large cardboard box around one metre in length. Cut five holes running alongside the side of the box, big enough to fit an adult size hand through it. Decorate the box to give it a menacing look and stick bits of faux cobwebs around each of the holes. Within the box, place five plates and fill them up with different textures just before the game starts. Some of our suggestions are: mashed banana, ice, cold noodles, MnM's, slime, cotton buds, sand and small twigs. Sit back and watch the kids squirm as they stick their hands in!

Stick the spider on the web:

Stick the Spider on the web is an adaption of "stick the tail on the donkey. The aim is to get the spider as close to the middle of its web as possible whilst blindfolded. To begin, paint a large cork board with black chalk paint and let dry overnight. Make the spider by buying a knockoff beauty blender sponge and painting it black. When paint has dried, use a glue gun to stick two googly eyes at the pointy end and 8 black pipe cleaners as legs. Take a cork board pin and stick it underneath the 'body' of your spider. When the cork board has completely dried, draw your spider web all around the board going from the sides all the way to the middle. Hang the board on the wall and your game is ready to be played! 

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