Most Popular Party Themes For Kids In 2017!


We all know that great feeling of throwing your child a birthday party they will never forget. The cherub smile on their face when they see their favourite movie, or character on top of their cake and spread throughout the house. We are in an era where social media showcases the biggest and best parties to inspire you as you plan your child's special day. Here we have listed some of the most popular kids birthdays of 2017!

Disney's Moana

There always seems to be one movie each year that kids look up to and adore. What better way of celebrating their day of the year than with making them feel as if they were in the movie themselves. Whilst 'Frozen' was the number one birthday for a long time, this year Disney's 'Moana' has taken over. The animated musical brings songs, tropical islands, blue seas and a sense of adventure to every child's mind, and is a party theme that both children and adults will enjoy and love!


The game 'Pokemon Go' became a worldwide phenomenon in 2016 and it put the popular television show back into the forefront of kids minds once again. This has made a pokemon party one of the most requested birthday themes in the last year. The many different colourful characters ensures every child has a favourite. With a predominantly blue and yellow theme, games and treats can easily be made to suit this theme.

Pastel parties

Pastel colours have seen a new widespread popularity within the last two years and they are here to stay! The great thing about this colour palette is that many party themes are suited to it. Garden tea parties, unicorn parties, fairy parties, you name it, this colour trend suits them all!


Superheros have been and continue to be popular amongst children and adults for decades. Superhero themed parties just as fun to plan as they are to attend! Decorating the house in superhero colours, giving food "superpowers" and allowing the kids dress up and let their imaginations go wild is will be memorable to everyone at the party for years to come!

Let us know if you have planned and held one of these parties and share your tips and tricks over on our social media pages today! 

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