The Best Summer Party Foods


Summer is in full swing and we have put together a list of our favourite summer foods to serve at kids birthday parties.

Fruit platter

Fruit platters are a summer party staple. Summer fruits such as berries, nectarines and peaches are some of the most loved fruit amongst children. Fruit is great summer party food as it rehydrates the kids whilst also giving them a "good sugar". To make it more attractive for kids to eat, include an array of differently coloured fruits and experiment with cutting the fruit into different shapes.

Chocolate Ripple cake

An easy to make party food that the kids will go crazy for is 'Chocolate Ripple cake'. All you will need is thickened cream and a packet of 'Chocolate Ripple' biscuits. To make the cake you will need to whip the cream until it has completely thickened, before coating one side of a chocolate ripple biscuit and sticking it on the side of another ripple biscuit. Repeat this process until all biscuits are covered and stuck together. When this is done, coat the rest of the chocolate 'log' in cream and pop it in the fridge overnight. Finish of the next day by sprinkling chocolate flakes or sprinkles on top. The final product is a cool, fresh, creamy, gooey chocolate cake.

"Frog in a pond"

Jelly is an easy and refreshing treat to enjoy on a hot day for both adults and children. A popular Australian party treat is the "frog in the pond" jelly cup. This is done by making your favourite jelly mixture and filling plastic cups. Whilst the jelly is in the process of cooling down and forming, place confectionary frogs within the mixture. When the mixture has completely cooled down and become jelly, the kids are able to have fun fishing out their frog treats whilst still enjoying the rest of the jelly.

Ice Cream cake

For the ultimate summer birthday cake, make sure you buy or make an ice cream cake. Ice cream cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavours and can be moulded to look like any character or theme your party set up requires. It is a refreshing treat on a sunny day and represents the epitome of a summertime party! 

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